Extensive knowledge and experience in appraisal / valuation of various types of properties: land plots, offices, retail spaces, guest houses/hotels, mixed use stand alone buildings, warehouses, industrial properties, apartments, villas, etc.

We provide our clients with valuation reports as per International Valuation Standards, Eighth Edition 2007.

The International Valuation Standards (IVS) have achieved a leading position in guiding and harmonizing international valuation activities. The core areas of the standards are the assessment of market value in voluntary transactions and in financial reporting.

The standards do not directly apply to valuations carried out through national legislation. That is why it is important knowing of National Valuation Standards.

Our certified head valuer is one of the certified valuers in Azerbaijan who passed exams of AQC.


CPS offers valuation for:



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
With great pride and honor we announce that Mr. Chingiz Akhundov, the Head Valuer of Caspian Property Services (CPS) has been accepted by the Board of Directors of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and given the honorary status of Fellow of RICS (FRICS).
This status is granted by worldwide known organization of professionals to the most deserving professionals in various fields in recognition of theirs outstanding individual achievements, passion for developing the industry, sharing knowledge and supporting others in reaching their goals, and adherence to the highest professional standards and code of conduct.
The candidacy of Mr. Akhundov was supported by the most respected specialists from the renowned consulting and valuation companies in Russia and United Kingdom and unanimously accepted by the RICS members.
We trust that Mr. Akhundov in his new status of FRICS will continue to promote the values and highest standards in the field of Valuation and Appraisal in Azerbaijan.
Please join us in honoring Mr. Akhundov and wishing him success and further professional growth!