Equipment and Machinery

CASPIAN PROPERTY SERVICES (CPS) offers experience and reliability in the valuation of equipment and machinery in virtually every industry.

When your equipment is a large part of your business assets, the value of that equipment can strongly impact your bottom line. When equipment is appraised, standards of value are used to help calculate that value. But what are these standards, how can they impact your equipment's value and why are they used in particular situations?

Standards of valuation have been developed over the years to ensure that machinery is being appraised in a way that provides consistent calculations and results. 

One of the most common types of equipment appraisal that is performed is fair market value.

Choosing the appropriate valuation methodology depends primarily on what data is available; it’s also worthwhile to consider the purpose of the appraisal. And of course, whether using Sales Comparison Approach, Cost Approach, or Income Approach, an equipment appraiser should never neglect the rule of substitution – Is the final opinion of value for an asset higher than the cost to replace it new?

CPS professionals estimate depreciation from physical, technological, functional and economic factors, while employing unique computer skills to analyze a company's fixed asset records. CPS also performs limited onsite physical inspections. If requested, they undertake detailed physical inventories of a company's machinery and equipment.