Property & Facility Management

Our commercial property management strategies help real estate owners reduce their operating costs and enhance property values—all while maintaining a superior work environment for tenants.

Our team provide a professional service for property management and facility management and secure satisfactory life and working conditions such as engineering services, security, energy management and all what is important for our Clients.

Our experienced property managers exchange best practices and draw from our industry-leading programs, accounting procedures and technologies—all to achieve greater efficiencies and make your buildings work better for you.

CPS works with each client to align the operations of each asset with long- and short-term real estate investment goals.


With this asset management focus we help our clients to:

Maximize Revenue

  • Optimize occupancy in partnership with leasing
  • Retain quality tenants
  • Maximize expense recoveries
  • Identify other income opportunities

Minimize Expenses

  • Review expenses and provide benchmarking
  • Competitively bid services and ensure high level of services at optimum costs
  • Engineer value through specific cost reduction strategies
  • Manage and appeal property taxes where possible
  • Leverage web based procurement to offer preferred vendor relationships for best pricing

Enhance Value

  • Partner with clients to devise best asset management strategies to meet their investment goals;
  • Increase cash flow;
  • Advise on sustainability and other value add initiatives;
  • Improve cap rate, market rents and overall value;
  • Sourcing, recommending and appointing professional advisers where required either within CPS;
  • Defining, agreeing and documenting a letting strategy tailored to the requirements of the market, the property and the client;
  • Defining, agreeing and documenting rent review, lease renewal and business rates strategies with relevant advisers;
  • Transaction management on all new lettings, rent reviews and lease renewals;
  • The preparation of a commercialization strategy to maximize mall income;
  • Identifying, quantifying and, where approved, implementing asset management initiatives;
  • Preparing a 5 year performance projection for the property to include a recommended exit strategy taking in to account the objectives of the client and CPS’s in-house research.