Property Management

At CPS, we understand that property is a valuable resource, needing daily attention. In order to get the most from a client’s property, we take a cohesive and committed approach which protects the client’s interests and safeguards his income.

We pride ourselves in having extensive knowledge of each property under our care, and achieve this through daily involvement, site staff, and regular visits to the premises. This means that the client can relax knowing that the information he receives from us is based on direct experience of his property.

We guarantee that using us as the interface between the client/owner will save the client/owner time and reduce his administrative burden. We maintain this promise by giving you one single point of contact for every aspect of our management service. As professional advisors, our unique insight into the aspirations of your tenants means that we develop management strategies that maximize the value of your portfolios.

  • Day-to-day operation of a property, involving such matters as keeping the property up, and maintaining it
  • Full Service charge management
  • Health & Safety consultancy
  • Dealing with landlord inquiries
  • Dealing with contractors
  • Decrease the vacancy rate and keep the current landlords happy
  • Ensure building compliance – landlord, maintain investment value; minimize risk exposure; maintain good relationships and provide property security services
  • Insurance administration.
  • Sinking fund administration.
  • Management company structures.
  • Planned preventative maintenance.
  • Lease administration.
  • Pre-development advice.
  • Service charge administration & benchmarking.