Residential Real Estate


Specialists of the department of rental of residential real estate will help you to navigate through the current real estate market conditions for apartments and houses / villas and will provide the services for selection of the apartment or lessee.

Services of the Department of residential property rental:

  • Monitoring of the luxury real estate market conditions, identifying of the current tendencies, conducting of professional marketing researches, providing of analytical data and information;
  • Organization of the “introductory tours” for the lessees with explanations and providing full information and presentation materials about the city infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, day care facilities, fitness centers, stores, medical centers, etc.);
  • Selection of the properties based on the requirements of the clients seeking rentals;
  • Evaluation / appraisal of the residential properties, developing and designing of marketing campaigns for the property owners and lessors;
  • Full assistance during deals, providing of the professional legal consultations, including the questions of taxation, full support on documentation on the most efficient conditions;
  • Technical maintenance of the rented property (24-hours dispatching service, repair of the equipments, troubleshooting in the apartments);
  • Insurance of the residential properties and assets using the services of our business partner – insurance company MBASK;
  • Additional services for furniture and assets moving, internal decoration of the rented properties, renovations, furniture selection, curtain sewing, etc;
  • Short-term rental of the apartments with the full maintenance;
  • Granting of guarantees for all kinds of services.



Specialists of CPS will help you with the purchase and sale of the apartments and houses / villas. The professional residential real estate market research will save you time while optimizing the expenses.

Services of the Department of residential property sale:

  • Performing of analytical researches of the current state of the luxury real estate market and identifying the dynamics of the price fluctuations;
  • Organization of the apartment viewing for the buyers;
  • Development of the marketing campaign (advertising in the press, direct advertising, preparation of the apartment presentations);
  • Presentation of the seller / buyer interests conducting of the initial negotiations with the opposite party, preparation of the purchase / sale document package);
  • Realization of purchase / sale deal (complete legal support of the deal, maintenance of the safety of the financial transactions);
  • Preparation of the “turn-key” deal without interruptions of the day-to-day activity, our clients can buy or sell the apartment, entrusting us with the implementation of the deal. If the client decides to participate during negotiations, our company will optimize the client’s time investment to a minimum;
  • Guarantees of the confidentiality.