Land plots in Azerbaijan

CPS’s land professionals are able to assist clients in the search and acquisition of commercial use land plots throughout the whole territory of Azerbaijan. We are able to source land for the development of multiple business types, including retail and office complexes, industrial and logistic centers, dealerships, showrooms, etc.

CPS’s land team is also an adept in the disposal of land assets as well as incomplete commercial development/construction projects. We can also conduct a professional advertising and marketing campaign aimed at achieving a quick sale at the best possible market price.


Brokerage services

* Services for the disposal of land plots;
* Services for the acquisition of land plots;
* Support in the negotiation process during land acquisition/disposal which enables the deal to complete in a shorter time-frame and optimize administrative resources.



* Advertising campaign to facilitate land disposal;
* Analysis of town or region for the development (analysis of the economic and investment climate of a specific region, analysis of competitors, clients and traffic, etc.);
* Valuation of land plots with recommendations on a plots’ profitability;
* Report on the land asset market value based on a comparative analysis of neighbouring plots.


Technical Audit

Land asset technical audit is a vital component of land acquisition deals as this helps to determine early what risks to expect and to help in the selection process.

The technical audit includes an analysis of technical documentation at the pre-project stage to analyze the following:

* Engineering, geological, topographic and ecological constraints;
* Town planning restrictions (if any);
* Engineer support facilities;
* Organization of transportation facilities.


As per information from our specialists the prices for last plots in Baku vary as presented in the following table.

Land plots prices in Baku for August 2016
Zone Description Price for 100 sq.m.
1 Center  200 000 - 550 000 AZN 
2 Price for sq.m vary between 65 000 and 400 000 AZN on average
land plots located in areas with low population density, unfortunate location 65 000 - 90 000
land plots located near large parks and metro station 150 000 - 170 000
land plots with premium location 250 000 - 400 000
3 variouse use land plots  30 - 100 000 AZN 
4 Price vary from 800 azn to 40 000 AZN for 100 sq.m. in 2016/ Splitted by use as follows
agricultural 800 - 2000
private houses 6000 - 8000
for new high-rise buildins 8000 - 30000